Laila in Maldives

4th Anniversary in Maldives

We just returned to Doha after nearly a week at the Sheraton Full Moon Resort in Maldives, situated southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. The Republic of Maldives is a Islamic state consisting of over a thousand islands, of which two hundred and fifty islands are inhabited. All major spots – the capital city, fisherman docks, resorts – have their own little island, nearly all are nestled within coral reefs. Most of the tourist we met were from Europe and the Middle East.

Even the airport has it’s own island. When you arrive, you walk out to a pier to locate your hotel’s speed boat. Some of the more distant locations warrant hoping on a puddle jumper to get there faster… not to mention, even from the height of a commercial airline, the view of the islands is amazing. Hundreds of islets poke out of countless reefs. Continue reading