Laser aesthetic skin care in Doha

Laila visited a laser surgeon for aesthetic skin care treatment. She had been thinking about it for long time. Aside from her upcoming step into the 30s, she’s concerned about the extreme weather in Qatar giving her skin a rough time. After some research, I endorsed the laser light therapy. When looking at the cost-to-benefit ratio, it’s probably cheaper and more effective than the various creams and spa packages.

The doctor was an Iraqi laser surgeon. He was very polite, helpful and accommodating. According to the surgeon, the laser light treatment helps with blackheads, flaking skin, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. He said the treatment’s effectiveness is largely attributed to stimulating the growth of new skin cells and collagen. It’s like using an eraser to remove fine lines, as long as the patient is young enough to rejuvenate a significant amount of collagen. After the procedure, new collagen growth tightens the skin. Some patients see results immediately. Everyone sees gradual results over a three- to six-month period.

Apparently, the skin care treatment is cleared for wrinkles in Europe and for general dermatological use in Canada, but not for cosmetic purposes in the United States. It’s only cleared for topical heating for U.S. surgeons, to increase local tissue temperatures and circulation.

6 thoughts on “Laser aesthetic skin care in Doha

    • Hi Karthick, at the time it cost 1,000 QR for one treatment. According to the doctor, it’s best used before 40 years of age, while the skin’s collagen is fully capable of the required reaction.

  1. dr. fakhar says:

    Is it effective for acne scars n pits.. and how much does it cost and how many sessions required???

    • The doc said it’s most effective before 40 years old (or thereabouts), when collagen is still in good supply. Several years ago in Qatar, the treatments cost about $270 USD each, and often only one treatment every two years was needed. It takes about 3-6 months to see results from each treatment. It’s mostly used for fine wrinkles, as it gives skin a more youthful-like fullness. Hope that helps.

  2. sarvish arbab says:

    Hi Dustin! I’m new here in doha find different problems related to my skin, kindly send me the address of clinic and name of the doctor to whom you visit….thanks

  3. najeeb v says:

    Iwant laser treatment in the face acin scars were is hospital in qatar address please reply mail

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