What I Do

As a social media strategy and technology consultant, I help businesses grow by showing their leadership how to appropriately leverage digital tools. I fully appreciate the importance of my work in your company’s success. In December 2011, a Pew Internet and American Life Project survey found that people looking for information about businesses say they rely on the Internet, especially search engines, ahead of any other source. Marketing futurist suggest that 2012 is the year of social business and shared value.

Companies require professionals committed to elevating organizational transparency and customer engagement. They need individuals who are focused on upholding admirable ethics and values in the public eye. My services are intended to help you grow social value in your organization, while facilitating a commendable inbound marketing plan and outperforming your competition in online customer relationship management.

My actions model after the Statement of Ethics published by the American Marketing Association. You retain the right to terminate any agreement if my actions fail to increase your new and repeat customer acquisition trends, significantly raise revenues and improve your company’s public image. For more information, please check out SocialSprings.co.

You need my help if you are…

  • a small business owner.
  • restricted to a limited marketing budget.
  • preparing for a far reaching market potential.
  • providing services or products that get people talking.
  • ready for fresh website ideas or improved search engine results.
  • unable to find time to regularly post online content.
  • unsure how to write for the Web or edit your content.
  • unequipped to capture high-quality event photography.
  • lost when it comes to leveraging the latest technologies.
  • excited about encouraging consumer interactions and feedback.